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Pearl P-930 Demonator Pedale Singolo

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Singoli Pearl P-930 Demonator Pedale Singolo

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Singoli Pearl

Pearl P-930 Demonator Pedale Singolo


Don't let the Pearl Demonator kick pedal's crazy-low price fool you... this pedal's built to take (and give) a beating over the long haul. And enjoy every minute of it. You get quality throughout, from the die-cast aluminum cam to the ultra-dependable single-chain drive to the PowerShift footboard. The Demonator's infinitely adjustable beater angle beats the tar out of that kick-drum head with admirable precision and just the amount of fury you want to put into it - plus, you can choose from two different sounds by turning the head around. Get a pedal that you can adjust to your taste and playing style with the Pearl Demonator kick drum pedal!


Pearl Demonator Kick Drum Features:

Smooth-playing, single-chain kick drum pedal

Infinitely adjustable beater lets you dial in the perfect feel and punch

Dual Surface beater offer sonic options

Adjustable PowerShifter longboard adjusts feel and power

Pearl P-930 Demonator Bass Drum Pedal Specs:

Single/Double Single

Drive System Single Chain

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