DS Drum Mother Nature 14'X6.5' Red Oak Snare

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Rullanti DS Drum Mother Nature 14'X6.5' Red Oak Snare

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Rullanti DS Drum

"The Mother Nature Snare series is born from the love of drums and environment and set new standards in terms of performance and quality for the Musical Instrument industry. These snares feature a unique horizontal orientation and offer a sound distinct from conventional ply drums. The result is a clarity of sound which cuts through the mix yet remains musical and vibrant. In respect of our best woods we are very proud to use for the first time in history a new formulation of water-based coatings for wood that respect the planet and with a socially responsible production cycle. These BIO Coatings are made with recycled materials and are in line with the latest green policies adopted worldwide.
Thanks to their exceptionally low environmental impact, they qualify for LEED credits.

At the heart of this very special limited edition snare drum is a spectacular shell made from top quality Italian Red Oak.
Handcrafted in Italy using a unique horizontal orientation and combined with a 10 chrome lugs and a stunning 22 snare strainer these snares have a truly dark and deep tone. Available in both 14"x6.5" and 14"x5.5" the Red Oak is a unique snare drum that is not only visually stunning with awesome tones, it will quickly earn it's place as a classic collector's snare drum.

Natural finish
Snare Wires - 22 Strand
Hardware - Chrome
100% Made in Italy

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