Sagitter LEDKITHP7BAT Kit Fari Led a Batteria
Sagitter LEDKITHP7BAT Kit Fari Led a Batteria Visualizza ingrandito

Sagitter LEDKITHP7BAT Kit Fari Led a Batteria

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Sagitter LEDKITHP7BAT Kit Fari Led a Batteria

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Caratteristiche principali

Proiettori e Par sagitter

Light source

• Kit 4 pro jecto rs 7x10W led RGBW Full Co lo r

• LED lifespan: > 50.000h

O pt ic syst em

• Beam Angle: 25°

Color syst em

• Led So urce 4 in 1 RGBW Full Co lo r

• Infinite chro matic po ssibilities

Ef f ect s

• Linear dimmer 0-100%

• Adjustable stro be effect

• Auto mo de can be recalled by DMX

Cont rol e programming

• 7 DMX co nfiguratio ns available: 4/5/6/9/10/16/20 channels

• Each pro jecto pr can be co ntro lled independently via DMX

• Pro to co l USITT DMX 512

• Master/Slave mo de

• So und mo de with adjustable micro pho ne sensitivity

• Auto matic mo de with 6 different pro grams selectable fro m the display o r fo o tswitch, with

adjustment o f the speed

• Co lo r mo de with 9 different pre-pro grammed co lo r macro s

• Wireless battery fo o tswitch: Blacko ut, So und, Auto , Freeze (included)

St ruct ure and cabinet

• Black metal ho using

• Red LED display

• Mo unting po ints: do uble adjustable brackets “light up”po sitio ning

• XLR 3-po les DMX IN/OUT co nnectio n

• IP rating: IP20

• Stand max. H 2800

• So ft bag fo r bar fo r transpo rt included

Power supply

• Input Vo ltage: AC~100-240V, 50/60 Hz

• Switching po wer supply unit

• Max po wer: 300W @ 230VAC

• Internal Li – io n rechargeable battery

• Runtime battery: ~ 6 hrs (full ON)

• Charging cycle: ~ 5 hrs (led blacko ut when charging)

• Po wer supply cable included

Weight and dimensions

• Bar net weight: 9,6 kg

• Stand net weight: 4,5 kg

• Bar Dimensio ns:: 1180x90x270 mm

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