Ernie Ball 6181 Pedale Volume JR 25K - Pedali Volume Ernie Ball
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Ernie Ball 6181 Pedale Volume JR 25K

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Pedali Volume Ernie Ball

Ernie Ball volume pedals have always been considered the Rolls Royce in their field. The EB6181 does this claim justice. The high quality manufacturing and extreme sturdiness guarantee the best value for an - admittedly - slightly higher price.


Designed for keyboards - but is best for the FX loop of a guitar amp, in which case it functions as Master Volume while the guitar potentiometer controls the distortion.


Since there is rarely enough space on the pedal board, the Junior is built to be smaller than its big brother, the EB6167, but this has no impact on the quality.


Junior 25 kOhm version


Smaller version of the EB6167

1 Input

1 Output

1 Tuner output

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