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Fenton LIVE50 Party Station 400W

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Fenton LIVE50 Party Station 400W

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Casse/Monitor Live Attivi Fenton

Get the music happening at the party with this Live50 Tower Party Station, equipped with 4 speakers! With powerful 400W amplifier and clear speaker sound with dynamic bass boost, even the largest of rooms will be filled with quality sound. The colourful illuminated rotating volume control on top light up while music is playing. With Bluetooth, USB Media player, Equalizer and AUX connection, the Live50 has your music needs covered.

Powerful 400W amplifier

4 Speakers for 3.1 Surround Sound

Using Bluetooth wireless technology for audio streaming

Media player with display, USB/BT and Aux input

Equalizer with 6 presets

Stereo line input (RCA)

Infrared remote control

Colurfull illuminated rotating control on top

Easy to carry design

5V USB port for charging your smartphone or tablet


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