Mapex Armory AR628SFE Transparent Walnut - Batteria Acustica Mapex
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Mapex Armory AR628SFE Transparent Walnut

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Caratteristiche principali

Batterie Acustiche Mapex

The Armory Series "Studioease" Shell Pack includes short depth 10x7 and 12x8 rack toms and 14x12 and 16x14 floor toms with a 22x20 deep bass that can span a wide range of playing styles.

The shorter tom depths quicken the stick response and are easier to tune higher without sacrificing body or power, while the extra deep bass drum produces a powerful punch that will kick you in the chest.




22"x20" Bass Drum (virgin),

10"x07" Tom Tom, 12"x08" Tom Tom,

14"x12" Floor Tom,

16"x14" Floor Tom,

14"x5,5 Tomahawak


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