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  • 38,43 € Consegna in 24 ore

    DescriptionThe UV1 series is designed for the widest range of sonic possibilities while remaining the most durable single-ply drumhead available. The patented UV-cured coating provides unmatched durability and consistency of texture, while the unique 10mil film delivers exceptional strength and...

    38,43 €
    Consegna in 24 ore
  • 45,99 € Consegna in 24 ore

    Evans™ EMAD™ Heavyweight series features two plies of film. The combination of two identical plies of 10mil film provides maximum durability and a compressed attack while maintaining a wide dynamic range. The EMAD Heavyweight contains two interchangeable damping rings that maximize attack and low-end without...

    45,99 €
    Consegna in 24 ore
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